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The Healthy Way Diet Review

2016 Update: The Healthy Way Diet is a great diet but it has been around for a couple of years and recently their website takes ages to load.  In addition,  many people want a  healthy diet that brings quicker results.  So for 2016, we recommend the newer and more popular diet called the Three Week Diet. It is based on sound dieting principles and has a lot of positive reviews. It works similarly to the Healthy Way Diet, but works faster, so it’s great for getting a bikini body for the summer,  losing weight for a wedding or occasion, or getting rid of post pregnancy weight.  It is not a crash diet and you eat enough on it to feel hungry or deprived. It is a healthy way of eating in a way that increases metabolism and aids fast weight loss.

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There are so many diet plans and some are really good and they actually work, others are not so good. One of the best ones is called The Healthy Way Diet which is primarily concerned with providing real information on how to lose weight and manage your weight in future. This guide draws on known and respected authorities in the health, nutrition and weight loss fields to bring you the  latest discoveries as well as long established knowledge, so you are better educated on what works and what does not work.  The right knowledge will enable you to make the best choices for your health and losing the excess weight in a safe and healthy way.

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This guide came about because there is so much confusion and misinformation about what actually works in the health and weight loss field and what is incorrect and can be downright dangerous to your health. There are numerous companies in the weight loss market that simply sell unhealthy and misleading quick fixes to your weight loss concerns. Even if any of these quick fixes did work, who wants a slimmer body at the cost of their health? The plethora of quick fix weight loss solutions is endless and most will not work, or if they do, it will only be temporary and may even be detrimental to your health. The Healthy Way Diet is not a hyped up quick fix. It will cut through the junk information out there and give you valid information so you can make the right choices that will lead to healthy and lasting weight loss.

The more you understand about food and nutrition and the effect they have on your metabolism, the sooner you will reach your weight loss goals. Healthy weight loss is not hard when you understand more about nutrition, food choices and how to fire up your metabolism.
Other than the main manual, included is a Quick Start Manual with all the essentials, a Success Journal to chart your progress, and a Recipe Book full of healthy, easy and delicious dishes  that you can make for yourself and your loved ones too.

The Healthy Way Diet is an excellent and comprehensive guide which teaches you the right foods to eat to lose weight and the ones to avoid. It also explains why. You will be surprised to learn that some everyday health foods actually make you put on weight. The Healthy Way Diet will open your eyes and make you unlearn the eating habits that continually lead to weight gain. You will learn which foods to eat and help you drop pounds and inches.

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The Healthy Way Diet is well researched and just simply works because it is based on sound and proven nutritional and weight loss techniques. The best part is that it is simple and healthy and you will be eating generous meals every day and you won’t go hungry. The weight will come off and stay off. This definitely not a fad diet.

This guide has received positive reviews online and is very affordable for what you get. It is based on sound techniques that are known to work with dozens of recipes to choose from.  The only negative is perhaps for some people, it contains too much information. But for those who want a full guide on the right teachings on nutrition, dieting and how to lose weight the healthy way, then you really can’t go wrong with this.The nutritional and weight loss principles in The Healthy Way Diet will even impress your doctor. It also comes with a refund policy, so you really have nothing to lose other those access pounds!

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The 3 Week Diet



Reduce Weight Naturally – 5 Common Mistakes That Hinder Weight Loss

When you are trReduce Weight Naturallyying to reduce weight naturally, there are so many temptations and it is important to discipline yourself and avoid the wrong food choices. There are 5 common mistakes that most of us make that prevent or slow down our weight loss. These range from eating junk, comfort eating, lack of portion control, starving ourselves and too much sugar and alcohol. In this article, we will look at the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Junk food
One major mistake that makes us pile on the pounds is junk food. It is essential to avoid sugary treats like sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits and also fatty foods like chips, burgers and other processed foods. These foods are calorie laden and have little nutritional value. Most of the calories end up on your hips, stomach and thighs.

But if is too difficult to eliminate junk and fatty foods completely from your diet, you can allow yourself the occasional treat so you won’t feel so deprived. If you over indulge on any given day, don’t beat yourself up over it,  just go back to healthy eating the next day.

Comfort eating
Comfort eating is another well known mistake that many people make and will hinder their efforts to reduce weight naturally. People often use food for comfort eating instead of satisfying hunger. If you resort to eating when you feel stressed or upset, it is not hard to unlearn this behaviourpattern by adopting a healthier relationaship with food. You need to relearn to associate food with providing your body with the nutrition it requires and satisfying your hunger rather than eating for comfort.

Portion control
Many people have no idea about what a normal portion should be. Most of us pile up our plates and feel we have to finish up everything because we are brought up to think it is wasteful to leave food on our plates. In order to reduce weight naturally, it is important to learn proper portion control and leave the leftovers for the next day’s lunch. One useful idea to fool your brain and eat less is to have a smaller plate.

It is amazing how some people’s idea of weight loss is actually starving themselves. This is the worst thing you can do because your body thinks it is going into starvation mode and so reduces your metabolic rate in order to hang on to every calorie. Instead swap the high calorie foods for low calorie wholesome foods and eat small regular meals throughtout the day. Regular meals stave off hunger and cravings.

Alcohol is another mistake that people make, it’s only a liquid, right? But alcohol turns to sugar in your body and if those calories of sugar are not used up, guess what? They are stored as fat around your middle! So, if you are trying to lose weight, it is best to keep away from alcohol completely, or at the very least keep it to the absolute minimum.

Knowing how to reduce weight naturally and avoiding the common mistakes discussed will enable you to reach your ideal weight. Success is really around the corner if you make sensible food choices,  avoid comfort eating,  reduce the amount of food you eat, take regular meals and avoid alcohol.  In addition, make sure  you take  regular exercise to burn calories, even if is just going out for a walk. As time passes, you will soon start to notice the difference which will encourage you to continue. Before you know it, you’ll be at your target weight and not only will you look better, be able to wear what you want but you’ll be healthier too.

Five Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Healthy Ways to Lose WeightThere are many healthy ways to lose weight, yet many turn to unhealthy quick fix solutions. Millions of people are classified as overweight or obese in the US and more and more people are piling on the pounds in other parts of the world amongst the developed nations too. In the US, the obesity/overweight rate has been on a steady rise. Obesity rates are expected to reach epidemic proportions in the next decade.

Weight loss is not just about fitting into your clothes, looking more attractive or having more energy. For millions of people it is about preventing or controlling diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

Weight loss products are being brought out all the time to help people lose weight. Every day you are bombarded with adverts and products promising quick fix solutions to wait loss. There are diet pills, shakes, drinks, supplements and all sorts of potions with promises of melting fat away fast. But most of these products are not healthy ways to lose weight and most simply don’t actually work. Some will work temporarily but the weight will come back. Others like some diet pills have the serious potential to actually ruin your health. Many of these products are only on the market to make money for the manufacturers.

There are numerous healthy ways to lose weight fast without putting your health at risk. Real and sustainable weight loss can be achieved by making changes in your food selection, favouring healthier foods, portion control and taking up exercise and generally moving around more. In order for weight loss to occur, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Taking action and following some simple guidelines are quite often is all you need to shed those unhealthy excess pounds. But you must make changes and be consistent.

These five simple healthy ways to lose weight will really help if you implement them and stick with them:

  • Don’t go without food. Starving yourself just make s your body think there is a shortage of food so it holds on to the fat for dear life! This is an evolutionary thing where our bodies store fat in times of abundance so it can be used in times of famine. When your body thinks it is starving it holds on to those calories to sustain life. You may lose a little weight when you starve yourself, but this is just water loss, not fat loss.
  • Breakfast like a King. Your mother was right, eating your breakfast will provide you with the nutrition you need after fasting the whole night. Eating breakfast will replenish your nutritional needs, give you energy and keep you full until lunch. Eating your breakfast will jump start your metabolism and burn off calories.
  • Eat smaller meals but more frequently. Five or six small meals throughout the day is better than having two or three large meals. Consuming smaller meals stops you from over eating and ensures your metabolism is revved up with each small meal. When your metabolism increases, you burn calories faster.
  • One of the simplest healthy ways to lose weight is to keep away from sugar. We all eat far too much sugar because it is in so many foods and many of us have a sweet tooth. Keep sweets, cakes and pastries for treats only, and not for regular consumption. Sugar calories just pile on the weight without nutritional benefits. Eat fruit instead when you get a sugar craving. Base your meals on lean protein, beans, brown bread, pasta and rice and lots of vegetables and salads.
  • Reduce the amount of saturated fat in your meals. Trim off excess fat in meat, switch to skimmed and semi skimmed milk and eat less cheese or opt for low fat varieties. Keep away from fried foods and foods containing a lot of vegetable oil. But your body still needs fat, the healthy kind found in olive oil, oily fish like salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds. Fish oils and vegetable oils like flaxseed contain lots of Omega 3 which is very good for your heart.
  • Get moving! Exercise has many health benefits and helps you burn calories. Exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym every day. Increasing your activity during your normal day will really help in burning more fat. Why don’t you leave the car at home and walk if you are just going to the local shops or picking up your child from school? Ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. Go for a walk in the park, start jogging, or cycling and you will soon see improvements in your fitness level and you’ll be a few pounds lighter too. But it is essential that you do this on a regular basis, the odd walk once in a while is not going to help much.

These are just some healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off. Steady and permanent weight loss does not lie in quick fixes but in making sensible healthy changes to your diet and being more active. It is important to stick to the changes you make and you will be rewarded with a slimmer and healthier body. Follow these five healthy ways to lose weight for women and for men. Set yourself realistic goals and if you are overcome by temptation, give yourself a break and just start again the next day. Consistency is the key here.

Best Foods for Weight Loss to Supercharge Your Diet

Best Foods for Weight  Loss

Lose Inches by Choosing the Best Foods for Weight Loss

Whether your weight loss efforts are strictly through making smarter food choices, consuming fewer calories, or adding exercise into the mix, choosing the best foods for weight loss that maximize your results is vitally important. There is so much more to eating for weight loss than sticking with low-calorie or fat-free foods. In fact, many of these foods do not provide adequate nutritional content or do little to improve your results. However, if you eat foods that make your body work harder or that give your metabolism a boost, you can lose more weight. Work these power foods into your diet for better results.

Lean proteins give you several weight-loss benefits and are known as the best foods to burn fat. These proteins also keep you fuller and prevent your body from entering into starvation mode when you are cutting calories. When your body enters starvation mode, it actually makes losing weight more difficult because your body stores what you eat, primarily as fat. Your body also has to work harder to break down proteins, giving your metabolism a boost. Stick with lean proteins like fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, extra-lean beef, egg whites, protein powders, low-fat dairy, soy, lentils, peas, and beans. Make sure to include one source of lean protein in every meal or snack.

While all greens provide a low-calorie, low-fat and low-calorie option to help keep the calories you consume down, dark, leafy greens are the best choice. These greens are more nutrient-rich; the darker the leaves, the more vitamins and minerals that are packed into every leaf.

Believe it or not, some foods provide a negative calorie effect. While these foods do not actually have negative calories, your body expends more calories digesting the foods than those that are actually in them. Try adding plenty of celery, lemons, limes, grapefruits, apples, lettuce,broccoli and cabbage into your daily food intake, and enjoy the benefits of these “negative-calorie” foods.

Snacks are often the downfall of diets and are not the best foods for weight loss, but choosing the right ones can, actually, give your weight loss a significant boost. Snack on protein-rich nuts and seeds to stay fuller longer. While nuts are high in fat, it is healthy fat, and the type of fat your body needs to function well.

Fiber is also an important part of ensuring your body receives the right nutrients. Fiber helps regulate your digestive system and makes your body work harder when breaking down foods. Choose fiber-rich foods that include apples with the skin, grains, baked potatoes with the skin, bananas and beans. It is essential that you include lots of fibre rich foods in your diet as these are some of the best foods for weight loss, and healthy for your digestion. Incorporating these foods provides a dual benefit. They keep you satisfied for longer, making you eat less. They also make your digestive tract work much harder to digest the fiber. These foods are sure to supercharge your diet by making it function well and work harder.

Think of your body as a well-tuned machine that needs various nutrients and vitamins to work properly. While this list only provides a few of the best foods for weight loss, they can really help you lose more weight, and lose it faster. There are many other foods that increase your metabolism, reduce hunger, and increase the number of pounds you shed. So, use this information as a starting point, and seek out more foods and eating habits that blast those unwanted pounds away.

Discover How to Reduce Weight Naturally – the Healthy Way

How to Reduce Weight NaturallyThe fast way to lose weight can take two paths and mainly falls into two main categories, the healthy way or the unhealthy way. The healthy way will take you a little longer but it is safe and works naturally with your body. The unhealthy way usually involves quick fixes like severe calorie restriction or even starvation, cutting out certain food groups, weight loss pills, appetite suppressants and all kinds of  fad diets.

This article will focus on the healthy option and you will learn how to reduce weight naturally using safe and healthy solutions which medical and health experts advocate.

It is understandable that you want to lose weight quickly perhaps for a wedding, a special occasion or just to be slim and healthy. Your desire to shift those pounds fast is made stronger by the countless adverts for diet pills, quick fix diets and many other dubious questionable methods offered to you.

However, it is extremely unwise to take this route because most of these methods involve varying degrees of starvation, inadequate nutrition and taking products that work against the natural processes of your body. Taking this path will backfire on you.

Any diet plan, pill or method that offers to help you lose weight too quickly is a dangerous path which can seriously affect your health like causing damage to your heart and organs.
Also, research shows that by eating less than your body needs, your metabolism slows down and you gain more weight afterwards than you lost. Short cuts and quick fixes don’t work and you are risking your health.

Is there a better way to reduce your weight safely?

Yes. There are extremely effective healthy and safe methods on how to reduce weight naturally and that do not burden your body. You will drop off those pounds relatively quickly with good diet plans, regular exercise and simple lifestyle changes.
Following these steps will show you how to lose weight fast in a healthy and safe way and maintain the weight loss:
The secret to effective  natural weight loss
If you want to know how to lose weight, the most important basic things to get right are motivation and discipline. The right mental attitude must include motivation and discipline, without these, you will give up before you achieve the result you want. This is the secret to successful weight loss.
The reason most people fail to achieve fast healthy weight loss is simply because they just don’t have the discipline to go through with what it takes to get rid of their body fat, for even a short limited time.
If you care about your health and seriously want to reduce weight naturally and keep it off, then you need to discipline yourself to do it properly. Once you gear yourself mentally, it really is not difficult to lose those excess pounds.